SOC2 Assurance report

We know that you must be able to rely on our software and services. For this reason, we have been audited against the international standard for SOC2.

SOC2 is an internationally set standard that is specifically aimed at IT service providers. 2-Control, an IT audit partner with certified IT auditors, has reviewed our processes according to this standard.

The 2-Control reporting on SOC2 gives existing and potential customers insight into the quality of the IT services that we offer to our users. The scope of the report consists of the AutoManager application and the systems on which it runs.

2-Control has issued a Type1 report. The SOC2 Type 1 Assurance examines the way in which the organization intends to carry out its processes and controls. The SOC2 Type 2 Assurance is an annual check which checks whether the agreed processes and controls are being complied with. The Type 1 report relates to the situation as at January 24, 2019.

The complete SOC2 Assurance report is available for internal use for the customers of our services. For more information see the website of 2-Control

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