Lead Management

By centralizing all your leads in one central location, you will never loose sight of any lead. With AutoManager you will also gain insight into which cars have been viewed by your leads on your dealerwebsite. This gives you an idea of the customer's interest and can adjust your sales pitch accordingly. 

Our platform automates manual processes in lead follow-up, such as automatically sending an appointment confirmation e-mail. This way you exceed the expectations of your prospect and you create the right trust. The result is that you sell more cars and increase customer satisfaction.

Sales channels

With the push of a button you'll publish your cars on your own dealer website and on the preferred sales channels. Through AutoManager you can advertise on more than 100 sales channels in 24 countries.

Stock Management

How much interest is there in your inventory? With AutoManager you get a picture per car of the number of website views and realized leads. You receive warnings if, for example, a car is on sale longer than average or if it is accidentally not advertized.


Do you know how efficient your showrooms and salesteam work? How many leads covert to a sale, and the reason that a lead eventually does not purchase the car? How satisfied your customers are? AutoManager gives you insight into relevant statistics. And shows you how your company is doing compared to previous years.